HS2 Plans

I thought some of the members might be interested to see how HS2 will impact the old site.

The image below is a section of the plans around that area, I cant put the whole plan up its too big for me to scan, but this excerpt shows the way the line, marked as four dotted parallel lines, will literally cut the site in two.

You can also see that it will require a new entrance for the company currently housed in the old TX Hall and the complete destruction of the accommodation block and surrounding buildings.

Request for information

I have received the following request from a company called Wardell Armstrong LLP:

We have been commissioned by Fusion/HS2 to undertake some documentary research in relation to the accommodation block at the former transmitter station serving RAF Greatworth.

It would be fantastic if we could get some information from people who were posted there, and who remember first-hand how the building functioned over the years so that we can get a really good understanding both of how the building was used, and of the significance of the building to the community, before it is affected by HS2.

The building is due to be demolished to make way for HS2 … If you have any stories, pictures or anecdotes that relate to the “new” accomodation block, can you please send them to me so that I can forward them on – you can use the email address admin at raf-greatworth.com (replace ” at ” with @)

The same people are also researching the RAF Site at Chipping Warden, if any of you have information or have any contacts with people who served there would you please get in touch.

Thank you …