Today From Above

I promised sometime ago that I would bring you some amazing new images of the old site as it is today and here they are.

There are quite a few, choose to run through a slideshow or look at them as thumbnails and open them up individually. Most of all I hope you enjoy them.

This started as an attempt to record the site before HS2 demolishes the “new” accommodation block this year. The line will run right through the site and it will be changed forever. The entrance will go, the remains of any of the concrete plinths will be removed and the accommodation building will disappear. I find it quite sad. I was stationed here for almost five years from April 1982 to January 1987, I married the local barmaid during that time and on demob, I came back to this area. All my family have grown up and now live and work in the surrounding towns and villages.

These images are the culmination of weeks, possibly months of work by the Greatworth Park Management seeking permission from HS2 and yours truly finding someone who could and would be prepared to do this for us without payment and then agreeing the transfer any ownership etc. I am forever grateful to Amanda at Greatworth Park but especially to a man named Phillip Jolley who I didn’t know until recently but who answered my call to arms, gave up his time for free and pushed this through until we had these photos and videos.

Mr Jolley retains all copyright on the images here but they are reproduced with his permission. Please respect this.


Today From Above
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