Costs have increased again

As you might expect the costs of running the site have increased again and I have funded this from my own pocket with some support form friends and well wishers along with the good folk at Greatworth Park.

I can no longer keep this site running in its current form and with its current costs and so have moved move to another provider and the site costs have dropped by a bout two thirds.

It appears to have gone smoothly, if you have any problems with the site, accessing the pages or logging in then please do drop me a line admin @ (remove the spaces)

2 Replies to “Costs have increased again”

  1. Maybe about time to move to Facebook? A large number of RAF Groups already exist there.
    Or at least, have a FB Greatworth group as well as this site?

    1. I don’t use Facebook or any Meta owned company including Instagram and Whatsapp, I’m not about to compromise that to setup a FB group. If someone else wishes to do so and wants to link to the site I’ll work with them but I made a decision to no longer use their services and intend to stick to that decision.

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