Martin used to arrange regular reunions, I haven’t heard from anyone in ages but wondered if there was any interest in a reunion in 2023?

The Inn is open, I have a good rapport with the park owners, I’d be happy to see what can be arranged if there is any interest

email admin @ raf-greatworth (remove the spaces) or reply to this post

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  1. Ian — I am still interested in meeting RAF Greatworth supporters even after all this time. HOWEVER -I live in Oregon USA, and not able to just pop-over to a meeting because I’m almost 90 yrs old and any tips to the UK must be planned well in advance. So the best I can offer is financial support –or if I do visit it would be good if you could find the time to meet at the village pub. you could always write to me a or call me at 541-354-1165. .

  2. Colin ( formaly SAC) Preece. I was stationed there in 1958/59/60 before being posed to El Adem. Many happy memories of greatworth. I am still in contact with Norman Nicholson whos sttioned there also at about the same time.Would be intereste if my essage got any hits.

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