Martin used to arrange regular reunions, I haven’t heard from anyone in ages but wondered if there was any interest in a reunion in 2023?

The Inn is open, I have a good rapport with the park owners, I’d be happy to see what can be arranged if there is any interest

email admin @ raf-greatworth (remove the spaces) or reply to this post

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  1. Ian — I am still interested in meeting RAF Greatworth supporters even after all this time. HOWEVER -I live in Oregon USA, and not able to just pop-over to a meeting because I’m almost 90 yrs old and any tips to the UK must be planned well in advance. So the best I can offer is financial support –or if I do visit it would be good if you could find the time to meet at the village pub. you could always write to me a or call me at 541-354-1165. .

    1. Hi Stan

      It seems we are both of the same era. I am 86 years old. Were you a national service man or a regular? I have been an RAF pensioner since 1974 after spending most of my service in all the hot places of the world. Nice to know that you also remember Greatworth. It was my first station after Locking. After that I went to El Adem, then Singapore, Muharraq, Cyprus with Chenies, Locking and Eddlesborough, in between

  2. Colin ( formaly SAC) Preece. I was stationed there in 1958/59/60 before being posed to El Adem. Many happy memories of greatworth. I am still in contact with Norman Nicholson whos sttioned there also at about the same time.Would be intereste if my essage got any hits.

      1. Well -Ian;in I wish I could chat with you about the happy times you had at Greatworth — I am now 90 years old and live in Oregon USA. I was at Greatworth for 3 year 1951 to 1954. — 1954 was just about the time they dismantled the 120kW transmitter with the 200 ft.towers-with a rhombic.aerial. –“Dog on Long Shoot -In those days we used to have dances in the mess hall and hire a bus to bring in young ladies from the local villages. Collin –You are welcome to share my email address with RAF buddies you can trust — I would like to share stories with them.
        But soon after that, they tightened up the security of the whole camp!! — SAD.

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