Veterans of RAF Greatworth Reunion 2010

On Thursday 12th of August, 15 people arrived at The Inn in the small Northhamptonshire village of Greatworth, although most had been here before, they were unfamiliar with each other, some had never met and others not so for many decades. They were all here for one and the same purpose, to spend a day with old comrades and revisit together, times long past, that could never be forgotten in this (not Always!) quiet little backwater of the Royal Air Force.

Within a half hour, the unfamiliarity had evapourated and everyone were back to as though they had known one another for years, remembering old friends, reliving escapades of long ago. Places we’d been, friends we knew and things that had happened.Once we were sure that everyone had arrived, had ordered their lunch and were ready, we made our way onto the old base, some walked the walk, following the Helmdon road and entering via a back entrance to the TX Hall area, just as in years past, they would have done after an evenings `refreshment’ in The Inn, most of us drove to the front gate, where we gathered at the accomodation building, now `888 Racing Engineering’, where we anounced ourselves and were invited in. We were then shown around the workshops and offices, where we saw an impressive display of racing and rally cars. Our host was most interested in us and enquired as to what was where when we were here as we progressed around the premises. A highlight was reached when a certain lady member of our party, was invited to try out a new rally car for size, 888’s hospitality? 10/10

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