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I am really pleased to tell you all that a large portion of the costs for 2020 have been sponsored by Greatworth Classics who operate from the Greatworth Park.

As I am sure you know Greatworth Park is the modern day rebirth of the old RAF Greatworth site and the old transmitter building now houses a number of businesses.

It seems very appropriate that we have managed to arrange this sponsorship and retain ties with the old site.

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  1. Thank you all. We are proud to be associated with the site and of your members’ and all service men and women’s contributions to the country over the years!
    If you come up for a visit contact us in advance and we will happily show you around.
    Look forward to meeting you!
    Angus and the Team at Greatworth Classics and The VW Camper Company Ltd.

  2. Dear Greatworth Clasics I served there 1952-1954. It was a lot different then. —Now I am in Hood River Oregon USA ,where we have a wonderful museums — – which may be of interest to you. They are part of out local private airport. They have many classic cars there which may be of interest to you.
    Also I’d like o thank you for taking on this web site because RAF Greatworth has so many fond memories to me and I’m sure for many other’s who have served there. If you ever visit there -please contact me
    Respectfully Stan

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