What it looked like

Transmitter Hall (circa 1960)

A view of the west side of the transmitter hall

The Four concrete Garages opposite the Sergeants Mess, these garages in front of the messes were great for motoring DIY on a sunny afternoon off watch. The black motorcycle in the right hand garages looks like the site owner’s Suzuki GSX550

Colour image of staff garages
Garages in colour circa 1982
Black and white image of garages
Garages circa 1962














If you’ve read the history, then you will know that the original entrance was on the Helmdon road, which gave access to the accommodation buildings. The transmitter hall was then reached from there. When the new accommodation was built, a new entrance was also built, this time on Welsh Lane, this remains the entrance even to Greatworth park today

Picture of Original entrance and accommodation
Original Entrance
The New Entrance
The New entrance built on Welsh lane.
Modern Day Entrance
As it is today