Reunion Offer and Request for Photos

Whilst out shopping last week I met a chap wearing a logo that I recognised from Greatworth Park. I approached him and introduced myself and he was indeed the owner of the VW Camper business on the Park.

Today I paid them a visit and met with a lovely lady named Amanda who has extended an invitation to all our members. Should you wish to meet again at the Inn and have a further reunion not just in memory of RAF Greatworth but also for Martin (Tom) Hall, they would be delighted to host us and have us re-visit the site again. If anybody is interested in a further re-union please post your interest as a comment to this article and if we can get enough interest I’ll see how much further we can take it.

In addition to a lovely visit and trip down memory lane, Amanda asked if she could use some of the Photos from the site in their reception area. They would like to join the RAF100 celebrations but also to retain some of the history of the site locally. I suggested that I saw little issue with this, but if you object to photos that you have submitted being used in this way please either comment below, send an email to me or message me in the members area. Amanda won’t use any of them until I let her know if specific ones need to be avoided.

Sadly though, not all the news on my visit was good. The accommodation building has become a victim of progress and is likely to be demolished in the next twelve months or so as part of the HS2 Rail development. This year may be the last that we can see it standing – this maybe another reason to try and pull together one final re-union if we can before the site changes beyond recognition.

Finally, Amanda extended an invitation to all our members to a barbecue they are holding for Staff and Customers in July. I shall most likely go and represent “the veterans”, if you would like to join me and enjoy their hospitality please use one of the many methods on this site to get in touch with me and I’ll share more details.

All the best to you all


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  1. It really was lovely to meet you Ian. We love having visitors at any time. I manage the estate for the freeholder and I’m based in Unit 5 The VW Camper Company Ltd, so please pop in for a cuppa if you are passing and want to look into the old turbine hall. We are having a BBQ on Friday 20th July at 6pm and you are all most welcome to come a long for a drink, and/or something to eat.

    We love hearing your old stories and we are keen to keep the history of the place alive.
    Do stay in touch!

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