Apologies to all for being a bit absent in recent weeks I am, unfortunately, still working and it has taken over a little as the business closes its central support office and disperses the staff across the country.

I see we now have 42 confirmed members including three new registrations, but sadly there are still 70 members of the original site that have not responded to the validation email. This means they are either no longer with us or we don’t have up to date contact information for them and they are now lost to us as a community. If you can prod your colleagues, friends or promote the site in anyway feel free to encourage people to do so please. Similarly if you communicate with any of the old site through other websites or alternate mediums make sure you spread the word that we have moved.

I think that I now have pretty much all I can from the old site but will continue to work through until I have exhausted all avenues. If anybody has anything they would like to submit or add by way of information, articles, photos etc. that aren’t already online I would be most grateful.

As ever I am available by email if you are having any issues accessing the site.


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  1. Hi Ian
    Good to have you back.
    If you could have a look at my previous messages/emails you will see that I have taken off all the photos I could
    from the old site. I just need a way of storing them for you to add, as you previously mentioned in one of your messages before you were busy.
    Hope to hear from you soon

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