Old Site has gone

As I feared, Martin’s renewal was due in February. I attempted to access the old site today and it is no longer available.

All members have been transferred to this one now, although the email verification response hasn’t been great. Paul and I will continue to drop reminders to the old members where we have contacted details but please direct anyone you know to this new site now.

As soon as it becomes available I’ll buy the domain name and direct enquiries to this site. I did look at expediting this process but the cost was prohibitive so I’ll keep an eye out for when it is released and try and snap it up. In the meantime I will continue to salvage what I can from the files and information I managed to download.

In the meanwhile I continue to update this site with whatever I managed to salvage from the old, this is harder now the old site has gone because the pages required me to login and of course now I cant authenticate with the old provider. I have today added a new section on the Village History, re-written the Snow Stories for which we really need some photos, added information about the Veterans Badge and added a page of links to sites that may be helpful or interesting to members and visitors

I hope you all like the new site, if you have any questions, problems signing in, registering, suggestions on content or corrections to what’s already here please contact me at admin@raf-greatworth.com


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