Thank you all

Just a note too say thank your to all who have signed up. This is still a work in progress, I am trying to  to setup a way for you all to contribute and chat either in a  members forum or the Blog, in the meantime if you have any pictures, articles or anything to add to the site please send them to me at and I will upload them for you.

Again thanks for the kind words sent recently and for joining this site.



2 Replies to “Thank you all”

  1. Hi Ian, thanks for starting up the new web site. I can always email my photos again if I don’t see them after your extract all that you can from dear departed Martin’s original web pages.

    1. Robert, if you can email them to me that would be helpful. I have gathered as much as I can from the Galleries on Martin’s site but photos in blog posts or elsewhere are proving more difficult because of the way they are stored.


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